GPR measurement. process, comparison, localization

Process of GPR measurement

Antennas towed by car Cart towed by hand Cart towed by ATV

Modular system is used for GPR measurement. The antennas 25, 50 MHz can be towed by hand or behind a car; a cart for antennas 150, 300, 500 MHz can be towed by hand or behind an ATV.

Tablet screen during measurement Notebook screen during measurement

Archaeological objects are visible on the screen during measurement. Data transmission by Wi-Fi.

Comparison of GPRs

The same profile – different GPRs, conventional is on the left and Roteg is on the right.Case: Sample profile, measured on the moisty, clayey soil at 200 MHz frequency by conventional GPR and our new GPR. A concrete pipe, diameter of 30 cm, is located at a depth of 1.5 meters.

Localization of GPR measurement

Anomalies marked on field by GPS dataCase: Agricultural area of 4 hectares extent, GPS providing quick orientation on large areas, GPR towed by ATV, 2 hours measuring time, marked archaeological anomalies.

GPS coordinates of measured profile GPS coordinates rendering