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Profiles processingRTGPR is a division of RTG company which was founded in 1990 in the Czech Republic. During our history we have been involved in the production of LF amplifiers, mixing consoles and lighting equipment. Since 1998 we are developing customized LED information systems and finally we have also successfully expanded into the field of LED lighting technology. We develop our own hardware and software, and we are capable to produce all types of products according to our customer requirements.

What you should know about us concerning geophysical methods – we have started to use a short range GPR to map underground utilities and lately we have developed our own device for very fast electroresistive measurement. At the beginning our company provided a geophysical measurement only as a service. The increasingly frequent demands for depth measurements led us to self-improvement and based on our expertise we have finally developed state-of-the-art and most sophifisticated GPR receiver ever which can use of all advantages of modern high-power transmitters. Our flagship is GPR Roteg, brand new type of ground penetrating radar. GPR Roteg, with its unique abilities, has definitely its place among the world leaders.

With GPR Roteg whose reliability has been verified through depth tests we provide measurements services in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our network of satisfied clients is growing every year. Through meetings at universities, security forces etc. we promote whole portfolio of new technical possibilities in the area of underground mapping and exploration.



  • Save our customers’ money, time and energy
  • Enable customers to easily “look” deeply under the surface with help of our high quality and user-friendly device
  • Self-improve ourselves, advance in the area of in-depth exploration, further develop new antennas
  • Expert consultation services in respect of the different methods and technologies of underground exploration
  • Individual price offers
  • Operator training
  • Assistance with analyses
  • Customer support
  • Experiences sharing