Hranice abyss.


In 2016, we made another test measurement opposite the Hranice abyss over the valley. It was measured along the way and we found a very deep crack in the shape of a wide “V”. The new Spirio program in 2020 provided an interesting picture.

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Filtering frequencies are limited to 30 MHzFiltering frequencies are limited to 20 MHz

Filtering frequencies are limited to 10 MHz hereFiltering frequencies are limited to 10 MHz, full measurement depthFiltering frequencies are limited to 5 MHz here. The interfaces at a depth of 160 m and 490 m were highlighted

Here's another display in a different, simpler color scaleAt the time, we had no idea that there could be a cavity at a depth of 560 m. It seems that the strata here are at similar depths as about 500 m across the valley at the Hranická abyss. Perhaps we will return here and take measurements to a greater depth